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Please note that I have changed all the names on these testimonials in

order to protect my clients’ privacy. They are all authentic and I am very

grateful to my clients for allowing me to publish them here.


Charlotte :-)

“Hi Charlotte. Just a very sincere thank you for all your help to Sue and myself…take care…xx” (Jon and Sue, 70+, reading vision problems, light sensitivity and a constantly dropping eyelid, in-person clients.)

“… You do a lot a good healing work and change so many people’s lives for the better!

Thank you for all your help … my vision has been improving as I’ve been spending more time outdoors sunning. I’m back to getting more regular flashes of clear vision, so really happy!” (Matt, 27, short-sighted, Skype client)

“My vision is improving so much everyday and I feel like I am very close to achieving what I set out to do!” (John, 22, Skype client, myopia)

My class was practising a song at school and I thought that I would do the things you told me to, to rest my eyes for a second. I did them, and immediately, everything became crystal clear and even magnified! The writing on the song sheet on the wall was suddenly really clear and large- it was amazing and such a good feeling!

(Marinda, 8.5 years, myopia, taught in person and by Skype)

“Hi Charlotte,
Just to let you know that since yesterday there has been another shift in vision- it has been stable for nearly the whole day yesterday and today- in fact I could feel a shift and suddenly everything just became crystal clear- it has fluctuated a little but mostly its been near perfect since yesterday also today I experimented with looking at TV and it was nearly perfectly clear- I didn’t spend that much time but for the few minutes I was watching it is was fairly near completely clear :) Good news :)”
(Greg, 45, myopia, Skype lessons)
….and a few months later:
“It’s mad! My vision’s really clear, 20:20 or even more! I can read signposts, number plates, signs in shop windows, birds in the trees, people’s faces – and I can see way off into the mountains – it’s unbelievable!
…You’ve got empirical proof here that it works – it’s amazing…absolutely brilliant!
But when I tell my friends that I improved my vision myself, they don’t want to talk to me any more – I find this really strange and think that maybe it’s because they don’t want to know that they could do it too if they put in the effort – somehow it seems to make them feel uncomfortable…I tell my partner about it though and she’s really interested and excited for me.” (Greg, myopia, Skype)

” …thank you so much for all the things you sent me they are great!”

“I am so pleased to say I have noticed an improvement with my vision!”

(Dan, 23, myopia and astigmatism, Skype lessons).

“Dear Charlotte,

Just to say how much I enjoyed the session yesterday and came out definitely seeing a little better (even in that short time).We seemed to be very much on the same wave-length and it was a real pleasure….huge thanks.” (Anne, 75, retinal detachment, squint, double vision, poor reading vision, first lesson).

“Thank you Charlotte, for my first lesson today. It was a very interesting and fruitful hour. I have started to read more easily already.” (Sabina, 69, poor reading vision)

“I’m so glad I’ve found you!”

“Dear Charlotte,

I hope you’re well! Thank you for referring Sam to me for an assessment. I saw him on Tuesday and carried out an extensive assessment of prescription…

…I am so pleased with what we found, as his driving prescription is now down to…

…In terms of vision in the driving prescription Sam is seeing 6/6 and in the reduced pair 6/15 which I believe will get better.

I am excited and pleased that Sam is already doing so well so a very encouraging first visit and I look forward to the journey ahead.

Many thanks again

R.S., (BscHons) MCOptom, Consultant Optometrist”

“Work (teaching) is going so much better nowadays because I don’t have the strain in my eyes that I used to have, all the time.” (Ben, 50, Short-sighted, Skype lessons)

“Would you like the pinholes back? I don’t need them any more – I can read the fine print of newspapers, and all of my books easily again now.” (James, 85, presbyopia/poor reading vision, (wore reading glasses for 35 years)).

“Dear Charlotte,
Just to let you know I’ve been having great clear moments of vision all morning actually even now as I look up at the picture on the wall its coming into focus :) and this morning using the eye chart- guess what I could see letters coming into focus with out my glasses on.
Then I gradually stepped back to 10 feet away from the chart and I could see all the letters clearly even the bottom line I could read, though it had a small bit of blur but still it was quite clear.
So a lot of thanks to you Charlotte for all your help.
BTW if you wish to use any of my experiences for you testimonials please feel free.:) :)”
(Doug, 45, myopia/short-sighted, Skype client)

“I can see the difference in Steve (Skype client) – and how your work has supported and enhanced all the work he has been doing on himself. Fabulous!” (Sue, counsellor and life-coach)

“Steve (Skype lessons client) speaks really highly of you, and about how valuable and effective your sessions have been.

The results have been truly wonderful to witness.” (Sue, Steve’s counsellor and life-coach)

“Thank you for teaching me so gently and patiently these past months. It has been a joy and a pleasure to learn from you and been great fun being taught by you. Out of interest, this morning on my run, I had seen the blurry indistinct shape of a dog walker coming towards me as I was running along one of my wooded paths. The dog walker stopped and held her dogs as I ran past but I did as you had suggested…and incredibly, I saw her face, from several feet away, in full distinct, non-blurry perfect clarity – amazing! I looked, and saw – amazing! So thank you very very much.” (Sam, 40, high myopia – short sighted, Skype lessons).

“I wish you all the very best and thank you for the the bottom of my heart for what you have shown and taught me to see.”

Dear Charlotte,
It was a pleasure to meet Melissa and her family today and the results we found were

Her eyes are very healthy and I am amazed at her commitment to Bates for her age!
 Melissa’s last prescription (from her previous optician, in June 2016) was:
 Right eye: -1.00 (myopia – short sight) and -5.00 (astigmatism)
 Left eye: -1.50 (short sight) and -4.75 (astigmatism)
 and today I found :
 Right eye:  0 (no short sight) and -2.00 (astigmatism)
 Left eye:   -0.50 (short sight) and -1.75 (astigmatism)
 She plans to continue with you and the exercise regime she is on and I look forward to
 hearing her progress.
 Many thanks for the referral,
 R.S., (BscHons) MCOptom, Consultant Optometrist.


(From Melissa’s parents:) “Thanks so much Charlotte. We are over the moon. The optician is really lovely. It was a very positive experience and a lovely trip [from Ireland]. We really enjoyed meeting you finally in person” (Melissa, 14, very high astigmatism and short-sightedness, Skype lessons)”

“…You are a brilliant Bates teacher, and that is precisely what I was looking for, and what I need!…” (Jane 55, Myopia + Mac Degen., Skype lessons)

Hi Charlotte, I wanted to thank you for a lovely lesson on Monday and all throughout this past year – your gentle advice, guidance, understanding and patience has made a huge difference to my vision. I ran for miles through the muddy woods and fields with my dog today and whilst my vision wasn’t 20:20 for the whole run, it was getting close at times and I seemed to have clear flash after clear flash! Maybe I should never stop running in the countryside!! (Steve, 45, myopia/short-sighted, Skype lessons)

“I am a partner at […] opticians and have been interested in the Bates method and also a more holistic approach to eye care for some years. A patient kindly introduced me to [a local Bates teacher] a few years ago and since then I began an amazing journey helping patients reduce the need / eliminate their glasses and lenses together with [this teacher’s] support. The results have been remarkable!

John, your client, explained that he has been having Skype sessions with you since September 2016, and he attended for an examination as a new patient to me earlier today. He explained he had been shortsighted since childhood but never a full time glasses wearer. His most recent prescription was dated September 2016, and was as follows:

R -3.00 with -0.50 astigmatism

L -2.75 with -0.50 astigmatism

John explained he has never been that comfortable in this prescription. He also said he practises Bates techniques everyday and is very committed to reducing his prescription…

Remarkably, his prescription has already come down to -2.00 in each eye with no astigmatism! He was reading 6/7.5 with this comfortably and parts of 6/6 at a push! His reading and computer distance vision is clear without prescription.

…I am so impressed with his progress, and only expect it to continue. I am arranging to make up a pair of glasses with this prescription which I will send out to John as soon as they’re ready.

I am more than happy to see patients who require this sort of assistance…”

R.S., (BscHons) MCOptom, Consultant Optometrist.

Dear Charlotte, thanks for the lesson notes and thanks for the lessons – I really enjoy them and you have a very healing quality which is wonderful. (Tom, 50, myopia, Skype lessons)

“Thank you SO much Charlotte, that was wonderful…thank you for your kind and encouraging words…I’m beginning to successfully integrate the techniques into my everyday schedule…the lesson was very helpful, as are your extensive and excellent notes!” (David, 46, long-sighted/”old age vision”, and optic neuritis, Skype lessons)


I am incorporating Bates’ method and your teachings and guidance and advice in to everything I do on an increasing basis – which is great, and I know that’s how it’s meant to be – really natural and a part of normal daily life and seeing. (George, 48, macular degeneration and high myopia, Skype lessons.)

Why don’t more people know about this? It’s unbelievable that the world doesn’t seem to be interested. It’s so obvious and so easy! (Beth, 56, Presbyopia, Skype lessons)

After the last lesson (2nd lesson), my reading vision definitely started to improve significantly – it’s amazing, and such a relief to me. (Richard, 55, presbyopia (“old age” reading vision) and long sight, Skype lessons).

I’m now seeing things in what I can only describe as “Technicolour”! My world is becoming clearer and more colourful and I love it! Thanks Charlotte (John, 47, presbyiopia and hypermetropia (long sight), Skype lessons)

Charlotte, thank you SO much – I cannot express my gratitude to you enough for introducing me to the Bates Method – it has changed my life!! (Mark, 85, Presbyiopia/poor reading vision)

Brilliant, many many thanks Charlotte. As always it was a lovely lesson with you and I have found everything you have and are teaching me, coupled with the way you communicate it, really really helpful and useful and joyful – thank you so much. (Ben, 45, high myopia, Skype lessons)

Thank you SO much for today, it was fab and I learned and saw SO much. I have just got back from a run with the dog through the woods and fields and was amazing! I had a clear flash that last goodness knows how long! My vision wasn’t perfect but it wasn’t far off. I could see my dog’s fluffy coat and long pink tongue clearly and for ages, and the leaves on the ground and in the trees were strikingly clear and sharp – wow – thank you so much. Looking forward to seeing you next week. Thank you so much again. (George, 48, macular degeneration and high myopia, Skype lessons)

I can now suddenly read the writing on the nib of my fountain pen again! I’d been feeling sad, because I thought I’d never be able to do that again – and now I can! I’m so pleased! (Richard, 47, long-sighted and poor reading vision/presbyopia, Skype lessons).

Wow, the attachments (lesson notes) are great!

In October last year when Jane, aged 13, took off her glasses to start natural vision work at home, she had so much astigmatism and short sight, that when her Aunty tested her vision, Jane could only see the big “C” on the chart at 8ft (instead of 200 ft as it’s supposed to be!) Now, ten months later, and after eight months of lessons with you, she can now easily, at 20ft, read the line you’re supposed to be able to read at 30ft! What an improvement! Only one more line to go, and then her vision will be 20/20 – it’s amazing! She’s worked diligently and done everything you said. We’re all so happy for her! We love your lessons! (Jane, 13, myopia and high astigmatism, Skype lessons)

… I’ve not managed to keep up the daily practice and my eyesight [reading vision] has deteriorated somewhat over the last few weeks!

But I did notice an improvement when I was doing the exercises so I know it works.

The Palming I learned in the first lesson with you has been hugely beneficial to me. I used to feel as though I had been squinting all the time, and that I always had a lot of strain in my forehead – and palming has made my eyes feel SO much better.

I also thought you might like to know about my eye examination yesterday; having worked on my vision myself for a few months before my first lesson with you recently, I now no longer have astigmatism in my left eye, and my vision has improved from being R: +4.50, L: +4.50 to: R: +2.25 and L: +4.25. My Astigmatism used to be -0.75 in my left eye, and now it’s nil, of course, and for reading, my prescription used to be: +2.25 in both eyes, and it’s now: +1.5! The method works and I can’t wait to lose some more of my prescription! (Nin, 51, long-sight and poor reading vision (presbyopia), Skype lessons)

Thanks Charlotte.  I thought that [the lesson] was very interesting and I loved your sense of humour, which made it fun too.

…you have had a remarkably positive impact on our lives in our brief meeting.

Thanks for giving us extra time today. My eyes felt great after the
sunning.  I’m looking forward to doing that again.


The soundtracks are beautiful.  You have a lovely sweet, gentle voice which is so relaxing.
We both enjoyed lesson and Jane is very excited about reaching her goal of perfectly clear vision. Thanks for everything. (Mother of Jane, 15, myopia and high astigmatism).

Thanks Charlotte for today’s lesson. Leila told me that she really finds a difference in her vision after the lesson, which made me really ecstatic. It does work!!!! (Leila, 8, myopic).

Thank you for today- it was great and it was nice to have such positive discussions about my eyesight for a change!

Thanks for your email and constant support. We love seeing you. Rania likes your place as well- she says can we move to your town?!

I enjoy it all and find it all thoroughly interesting, informative, useful and helpful.

My eyesight used to be blurry at every distance, and now it’s so refreshingly clear and things are sparkling – my Mum is really happy! (Sarah, 13, myopia and astigmatism, Skype lessons)

Introduced to the Bates Method by Charlotte Schuman a few months ago, I have been thrilled with the results. As an octogenarian science graduate, my initial attitude was one of profound scepticism – I was wrong! Having worn increasingly strong spectacles for reading since the age of 50, now without glasses I can read the Times from cover to cover. This includes the small print of the share prices, unfortunately!

Thank you Charlotte, James S. BSc, C Eng, FI Mech E.

Thank you so much for my lesson and also for your follow up email and handouts, much appreciated.

I thoroughly enjoyed my lesson with you.

Joanna recently told me that she doesn’t actually need to wear glasses when reading books any more. This is something new :) (Joanna, 8, myopic, Skype lessons)


“Jane came across an old pair of glasses from last summer, tried them on and found that they were far too strong and distorted everything. Her vision is SO much clearer these days- we’re so happy with the incredible progress she’s made!” (Jane, 13, myopia and high astigmatism, Skype lessons)

Thanks for this morning Charlotte which was really great.

Thanks very much; I felt very relaxed after the lesson and so it was a pleasant journey home!

I just wanted to say thank you very much for my lesson this morning. I really enjoyed it and everything you spoke about made sense.

I noticed some real improvement in my vision last weekend after I’d worked with you. (Steve, 32, myopia)

“We need to book that next [second] session, as I have seen an improvement in my eyesight already!!! I’ve been doing my crossword and reading before bedtime without glasses…I’m a bit gobsmacked.” (Deb, 56, poor reading vision (presbyopia))

“Charlotte was teaching my daughter and I was just listening and watching, and while I was doing that, my vision became much clearer- can I have some lessons too?!”

“I am really noticing improvements in my vision now.”

“Good news is I’m down to -2.5 glasses now (started at -3.5) Cheers!”

“Thank you for today; I came home with renewed enthusiasm…and palmed and sunned this afternoon and then read some music without specs!!”

“Nowadays I can usually read without any problems with my astigmatism at all” (Gill, 78, astigmatism and poor reading vision,  (presbyopia))

“Robby had an eye test today and his eyesight has improved! It gave him a boost. I know his eyes are much better since we started the exercises, and he does too.”

“As you relax, the letters just come clearer, it is amazing!”

“The lessons certainly help, and keep the motivation going.”

“Thank you Charlotte. We enjoyed our time yesterday and found it so worthwhile.”

“I went to the opticians in October…and they confirmed that my vision had indeed improved and that my astigmatism had all but gone…I know that what Bates taught is true.”

“This has been a revelation…after a course of lessons with Charlotte, I was able to go on holiday and read without my glasses. Charlotte’s teaching methods were clear and precise… The method does require time, commitment and hard work but the results are astonishing.”

“My teenage son had worn glasses since the age of three, and after lessons with Charlotte, as well as regular home practice, he has never needed them again. He now fences for the UK team and is training to be a doctor. His vision remains excellent.”