As well as private lessons in person and by Skype, I also run small group workshops subject to demand, and email correspondence courses.

I also teach at the Hale Clinic in London – please contact me directly for bookings and prices.

Bates vision group workshops, levels 1-3, 9.30 – 12pm.

Level 1 – Introductory Workshop: In this workshop you will learn three of the fundamental techniques for vision improvement with the Bates Method. They are: palming, sunning and developing an awareness of movement.

This workshop will allow you to learn from scratch or alternatively, refine your knowledge of these three techniques, in a calm and relaxed environment, with a  minimum of two, and a maximum of four participants in total. The small participant numbers allow you to receive focussed attention on your vision needs, which will enable you to begin to improve your vision yourself.

Once you’ve attended the first workshop and mastered these first three techniques, you’re welcome to attend the Level 2 and 3 workshops, to deepen your knowledge of your own vision, what you need to work on to improve it, and what works best for it.

These workshops are suitable for anyone, with any vision challenge. They’re fun and light-hearted yet stimulating.

Enjoy focussed learning in a small group, in a quiet country village. Tea, coffee and biscuits provided.

Feedback from participants of past courses:

“Introduced to the Bates Method by Charlotte Schuman [on a workshop] a few months ago, I have been thrilled with the results. As an octogenarian science graduate, my initial attitude was one of profound skepticism – I was wrong! Having worn increasingly strong spectacles for reading since the age of 50, now without glasses I can read the Times from cover to cover. This includes the small print of the share prices, unfortunately!”

“I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who would like to be free of glasses.”

“Thank you Charlotte, I’d never heard of this method of eyesight improvement before. The course exceeded my expectations.


Email/Skype Introductory correspondence course:

Each course equates to approximately three private lessons.

This short, two week part-time course offers complete flexibility, as you can follow it at your own pace. It consists of simple daily exercises, easy to read background texts, one twenty minute phone Q&A session, two 40 minute private Skype lessons, and a relaxation track read by Charlotte in downloadable or CD format.

Providing an introduction to the Bates Method, the course will also help you to develop a useful understanding of your own vision. It offers an easy way to get into the swing of future vision work, enabling you to gain essential understanding and insight in order to encourage and accelerate improvement during subsequent vision lessons or self-study.

NB: This course is a general introduction only, designed as a “warm-up” before beginning vision work. The course is encouraging, educative, fun and inspiring, preparing and motivating you for future work on your vision.

Feedback from participants on the correspondence course:

“I really think the correspondence course is good, because it gives you time to try the activities out and reflect on the new ideas and questions you raise, which one would not be able to do so easily on a weekend or more intensive course where you attend in person.”

“It’s great. Thank you so much!”

“So far we’re really enjoying your course.  I think my eyes feel a bit better” 

“I’m loving the course, it’s absolutely wonderful”

“It’s filling a real gap in my life, in a gentle way, and came at exactly the right time for me”

“It’s amazing, and so much fun! Every day we looked forward to what was in store”

“It’s a fantastic course, with so much in it!”

“It’s inspired Mum to take up Tai Chi again and she’s now motivated to work on her vision and health” 

Click here to listen to an extract from a relaxation soundtrack:

A selection of calming meditations read by Charlotte for children, teenagers and adults to palm and relax to. Available for clients to purchase, in either MP3 or CD format.

For more information or to book a lesson, workshop or class place, please contact Charlotte at


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