Seeing is believing

I am sometimes asked “does it really work?”  “The proof is in the pudding!” is my answer.

Although very little time or money has yet been spent on researching exactly how the Bates Method of Natural Vision improvement works, as a vision teacher, I am sure of one thing, as I look at my clients’ successes and my own vision journey – the Bates Method works, and not only is it effective, it’s also non-invasive, gentle, fun, exciting, and…fascinating!!

What can I help with?

I have many years’ experience of teaching the Bates Method to all age groups, from the very young to the very old, and I bring to the lessons my own unique visual healing background, rich life experience, sensitivity and insight – together with a lot of fun and creativity. So – come to my lessons ready to relax, enjoy yourself and – see better! :)

I am able to help with every kind of visual challenge, including:

All of the following can be greatly helped, or avoided:

I give lessons at my home in Buckinghamshire – in person, or by Skype, and also hold small group workshops. E-mail correspondence courses are also available. All lessons are accompanied by detailed notes, as well as the option to keep in touch or ask any questions that come up, by text or email, in between lessons.

My teaching rooms are sunny, calm and restful. My new Bates studio on site is well suited to individual or small group work, and is also light, calm and peaceful. The garden setting is helpful for re-energising the vision and useful for all warm weather outdoor work we do too.

If you’d like to have a lesson in London, I’m also available to teach at the Hale Clinic at Regent’s Park. (Please contact me directly for bookings and prices).

…And don’t let distance be an issue – I’ve had great success teaching clients all over England, Ireland, Asia, and elsewhere, using Skype. Even clients living close by to me find that after an initial face-to-face lesson, lessons via Skype save valuable travelling time.

I can also teach lessons in German, (although I’m slightly rusty these days!)

Lesson prices

Note: Approximately 8-10 one hour lessons are usually needed to experience improvement and then be able to continue the work independently. Many people wish wish to continue with further lessons after that – it depends entirely on the individual, and their vision needs.

Private lessons:

New prices from February 2017:

Detailed notes will be emailed to you after lessons

Small group monthly workshops:

Discounts and reductions:

• 10% discount for four lessons booked in advance

• 15% discount for eight lessons booked in advance