Seeing is believing

I am sometimes asked “does it really work?”  “The proof is in the pudding!” is my answer.

Although very little time or money has yet been spent on researching exactly how the Bates Method of Natural Vision improvement works, as a vision teacher, I am sure of one thing, as I look at my clients’ successes and my own vision journey – the Bates Method works, and not only is it effective, it’s also non-invasive, gentle, fun, exciting, and…fascinating!!

What can I help with?

I have many years’ experience of teaching the Bates Method to all age groups, from the very young to the very old, and I bring to the lessons my own unique visual healing background, rich life experience, sensitivity and insight – together with a lot of fun and creativity. So – come to my lessons ready to relax, enjoy yourself and – see better! :)

I am able to help with every kind of visual challenge, including:

All of the following can be greatly helped, or prevented:

I give lessons at my home in Buckinghamshire – in person, or by Skype, and also hold small group workshops. E-mail correspondence courses and group Skype lessons are also available. All lessons are accompanied by detailed notes, as well as the option to keep in touch or ask any questions that come up, by text or email, in between lessons.

My teaching rooms are sunny, calm and restful. My new Bates studio on site is well suited to individual or small group work, and is also light, calm and peaceful. The garden setting is helpful for re-energising the vision and useful for all warm weather outdoor work we do too.

If you’d like to have a lesson in London, I’m also available to teach at the Hale Clinic at Regent’s Park. (Please contact me directly for bookings and prices).

…And don’t let distance be an issue – I’ve had great success teaching clients all over England, Ireland, Asia, and elsewhere, using Skype. Even clients living close by to me find that after an initial face-to-face lesson, lessons via Skype (or Facetime), save valuable travelling time. Telephone or email lessons are also possible :)

I can also teach lessons in German, (although I’m slightly rusty these days!)

Generally, 4-10 hour long lessons are needed to experience significant improvement, and then be able to continue with improving your vision on your own. This number varies greatly from person to person, depending on their visual challenges. Almost everyone will notice small improvements straight away though, hurray! :-)

Some people may wish to continue with further lessons for extra support and learning, over a longer term – it really depends entirely on the individual and what he/she wants to do and feels is right.

Detailed notes will always be emailed to you after lessons and some simple props and palming soundtracks will be sent to you too. If you have any questions in between or after lessons, you’re always welcome to text or email me so that I can help you :)

Lesson prices & packages

One hour 1:1 lesson £65 : (detailed,  enjoyable and easy to read notes to recap on what was learned in the lesson and help you with your home practice, will be sent to you by email after each lesson.)

30 minute 1:1 lesson: £35 (description as above)

Discounts for 1 hour and 30 minute lessons:

Three hour intensive 1:1 lesson, (if two people, add £20), in person/Skype: £150 Your chance to fast track your vision improvement with intense learning. Some simple props included in price.

Four hour intensive 1:1 lesson, (description as above): £200

“D I Y” Vision improvement package:

If you want keep your learning independent and flexible, at your own pace, then this is for you! Fill out a questionnaire on your vision, and I will send you Bates Method technique practice suggestions, recommend books, videos, useful links, helpful articles and also send you relevant handouts to explain how to do the Bates exercises I recommend. You’ll receive it all by email, written especially for you.

In addition, you can email me four questions which you may have regarding your progress, over a period of three months, and I will answer these in detail for you. Cost for the DIY package: £55


B A T E S in a BOX! – A good starter kit, or a present for an adult or child:

You will be sent the following, in an attractive gift-style, reusable box:

A Voucher for one 60 minute 1:1 lesson with me, plus 15% off per lesson, for up to ten subsequent lessons.

A pair of Pinhole glasses, with instructions for use.

Three colourful bean bag style juggling balls in a drawstring bag, with instructions on how to use.

Instructions on how to palm and how to sun,

Attractive simple and playful object, with instructions on how to use it as a tool for improving the near vision.

Cost for the Bates Box: £85, postage included.


Clear Eyes at the Computer Pack – refresh and care for your vision while at the computer:

With this pack, you’ll know how to retain and maintain your vision, and refresh and rest your eyes while working at the computer and/or in a stressful office environment under artificial lights.

Instructions on three easy and effective techniques you can do to keep your vision fresh and rested while in the office.

In addition, it contains easy to follow instructions on the Bates basics of palming and sunning.

Suggestions on how to incorporate all of these refreshing and restful techniques into your work day, to retain your vision and stop it from deteriorating further.

Information on how to refresh and relax your eyes when you get home and at night.

A pair of Pinhole Glasses, with instructions for use (at home!)

Three colourful bean bag style juggling balls in a drawstring bag, with instructions on how to use (at home).

Attractive simple object/tool, with instructions on how to use it for improving the vision, while at the computer.

One 60 minute 1:1 lesson with me.

Cost for the Clear Eyes Computer pack: £90 postage included


GROUP SKYPE lesson course: min 3 participants – please send me your contact details to register your interest. Start date flexible once min participant reached.

Notes on techniques learned will be sent to you after each lesson – some simple props for use in lessons will be sent to you. A personalised practice recommendation will be sent to each participant, tailored to their specific needs.

Course content: Basic Bates techniques to get you started on improving your vision, whatever visual problem you face.

Course length: four sixty minute lessons, with an additional fifteen minutes at the end of each lesson for extra questions and answers.

Course cost: £150 per person.